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I kept trying to find the right opening sentences to kick off this blog post, but how do you find the right words to describe one of the best artists in the industry?! I attempted to do it without stealing the lines directly from the biography on her site but they perfectly describe how the music she makes truly speaks to the soul. Meet Epic Babe Alyssa Bonagura!

“One Listen and it becomes crystal clear that Alyssa Bonagura was born to make music. With a voice that touches somewhere deep inside, Alyssa’s soulful sound and powerful lyrics will send you jet-setting into a broad range of human emotions.”

Alyssa is literally a ray of sunshine! Her energy and personality light up a room. After listening to Alyssa’s music on repeat. I reached out to her almost a year ago in hopes of collaborating. Much to my surprise she responded! One thing lead to another & boom she is now our brand ambassador. We also have an Epic Alyssa Line! We had a lot of fun pulling together this collection. Alyssa’s style is like a delicious milkshake made of boho, vintage, & rocker vibes, topped off with a sprinkle of awesome. Every style in the collection is practical for everyday wear, but can also be dressed up. We shot the line in Alyssa’s hometown of Franklin, Tennessee with one of the best photographers ever, Dallas Wilson. Be sure to shop the line & be on the lookout for some amazing new styles coming soon.
I asked Alyssa a few questions so you all could get to know her a little better.

Q: First up, who inspires your fashion?
A: London and Liverpool Street Fashion really inspires me. So many people wearing the same things different ways- their own ways! Its amazing and super inspiring to see people walking down the streets in England.

I think Alyssa is a musical genius so I was excited to learn more and hear about who inspires her music so of course I asked her…
Q: Who inspires you musically?
A: My parents really inspire my music – they always have since I was little! I used to watch them sing on stage and wish I was up there. When I was two years old my mom asked me if I wanted to sing with them one night and brought me up in the middle of their set. I have been hooked on music and performing ever since.

For those of you that don’t know Alyssa’s parents are Rockstars! Ballie & The Boys was an American country music group & part of RCA Records in the late 1980’s! Music has always been flowing in Alyssa’s bloodstream. Other inspirations and artists you can find Alyssa listening to are The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Coldplay, & John Mayer. Alyssa has written songs for some of the best artists in the industry – Steven Tyler, Jessie James Decker, Michelle Branch, Hunter Hayes, Jana Kramer, & Jo Dee Messina, just to name a few.

In September 2016 Alyssa released her Road Less Traveled album which is definitely worth a listen. She is also now signed to Sony records and is ½ of The Sisterhood Band with Ruby Stewart. This epic duo has new music coming out soon and will hit the road this summer on tour with Steven Tyler. You can find Alyssa’s music on Spotify & ITunes! Nashville folks you can get a copy of her record at cutest store called Finds In the Fork located in Leiper’s Fork.

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